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Fast Facts

12 reasons to put an end to your bottled water

woes and embrace the safer, more convenient, healthier, and cheaper solution offered by:

Pure Beverage Systems


  • Eliminates Lifting 40 Pound Bottles Safety

  • Reduces Workers Compensation Risks Safety

  • Eliminates Running Out of Water Convenience

  • Eliminates Airborne Contamination Health

  • Eliminates Microbiological Contamination Health

  • Eliminates Bottle Deliveries Security

  • Eliminates Cost Increases as Consumption Increases Cost Savings

  • One Invoice and One Check per Month (or Quarter) Cost Savings

  • No Packing Slips or Monthly Statements to Reconcile Cost Savings

  • No Bottle Deposits, Delivery Charges, etc. Cost Savings

  • No More Bottle Changes and Related Labor Costs Cost Savings

  • No Wasted Storage Space (full and empty) Cost Savings

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